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Everyday indulgence

Everyday is a wonderful day to enjoy the indulgence of an exquisite High Tea.  The royal family believes so and are served such everyday between 4 and 5 p.m.  Let’s discover what the Royal Court preferences are:

Dating back Queen Victoria herself enjoyed having light cake with buttercream and fresh raspberries – later known as the ‘Victoria Sponge Cake’.

Every tea sandwich and petit four has a story behind it.   There are even rumours the Queen crumbles scones on the carpet for her corgis.  Definitely much loved and spoilt puppies.

Chocolate Birthday Cake, which dates back to Queen Victoria’s royal chef’s recipe; and is said to be a favourite cake every royal often enjoys on their birthday is sheer luxury. The Chocolate Biscuit Cake was so loved by Prince William, he chose it for his Groom’s cake.

Another favourite of Wills is Caramel Banana Cake – sounds scrumptious!

Potted shrimp is a delight offered at Balmoral Castle in the fall.   

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret as young children especially enjoyed jam pennies.

bridal shower
sunshine coast scones
tea aimee provence

Roast beef finger sandwiches come with slices of beet, being a combo Princess Diana loved, especially as she acknowledged beets offer a composite of health benefits.

Four tea selections are readily provided, from Organic Earl Grey, being. an afternoon favourite of the royal family. Darjeeling is what they sip for breakfast. Lapsang Souchon is a seriously smokey tea, and is a popular warm up after hunting on the estate surrounding Balmoral Castle.  An important contribution to support the tradition, healthiness and sustainable production of teatime favourites is offered by The Prince of Wales and his brand “Duchy Originals”, which promotes organic food heritage. His collection features a sumptuous array of fine teas, scones, biscuits and preserves.

“The brand represents the very best of sustainably sourced and organic British products. Right from the start, preserving our heritage, upholding traditional skills and supporting our local communities were a fundamental importance to the brand,” said Prince Charles.  His Royal Highness went on to state, “If that was important 21 years ago, I happen to believe it is even more so today. With accelerating climate change, exponentially rising costs of fuel and fertiliser and an unsustainably growing population, we have to find ways to live more sustainably.”

Elevate your tea experience with a glass of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label. Veuve Clicquot continues to enjoy a warrant to supply the Royal household.

Tea is thought to be a quintessential British meal.  The tradition remains that savoury precedes sweet, and that wholesome is to be consumed before the indulgent, but the perfect tea table has to include a combination of both.’

One special recipe the Queen herself has enjoyed making includes drop scones, or Scotch pancakes, which the monarch is said to have made for President Eisenhower during his visit to Balmoral in 1959. According to the National Archives, the Queen later sent the family recipe in a letter to the President, with annotations and a suggestion to use treacle instead of caster sugar.   

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially tied the knot, it’s time for dessert.

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