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Ideas To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Everything you need to know to throw a beautiful, elegant baby shower - a memory she’ll treasure forever.
baby shower ideas

How exciting! There’s a beautiful new baby on the way and you’ve been asked to throw a tea party-themed baby shower.

Our guide to creating the ultimate High Tea celebration for this special occasion is all you need whether you:

  • Just need a few stylish ideas to inspire a chic gathering at home
  • Want to hire a venue with just the right atmosphere or
  • Would prefer the luxury of allowing us to handle everything for you.

No matter which option you choose, you will have questions. Here are our answers to 8 frequently asked questions about hosting a High Tea baby shower:

1. Should the guest of honour be involved in the planning?

Unless the baby shower is a surprise affair it’s a good idea to involve the Mum-to-be in the planning. This ensures both she and the guests have a wonderful time. Don’t forget to ask if she has any allergies or special dietary requirements during her pregnancy. If you’d like a printable checklist or even printable planner to help you keep track of all the arrangements you can get creative and make your own or choose one from a site like Etsy.

2. When should the baby shower be held?

Plan to hold the shower when your guest of honour is around seven months pregnant when the baby’s arrival is still a few weeks away and she is still feeling comfortable enough to enjoy the occasion. It also means she has plenty of time to purchase anything she might still need before baby arrives. It’s a good idea to check suitable dates with her before sending invitations or booking a baby shower venue like Aimee Provence High Tea Parlour.

3. What about themes?

A theme can really set the scene. In terms of colour there’s always the traditional blue for a boy and pink for a girl but bear in mind that today’s mum might prefer something non-gender-specific. Consider pastels such as green or yellow; even silver and gold can be lovely too. Something else to bear in mind is that a High Tea baby shower sets a stylish tone. Why not continue that tone with an all-white shower that can be carried through with balloons, china, napkins and sparkling crystal or cut glass – stunning! A quick Google search will give you lots of ideas for an inexpensive but elegant theme. While chatting to mum, discuss her likes and dislikes so you can plan a shower she will absolutely love.

4. What about a dress code?

Dress up! It’s a special time so go all out and celebrate. Pretty dresses, heels, fascinators or hats help to make the occasion and make everyone feel extra special. More ideas and suggestions can be found in our own Guide to Dressing for High Tea.

5. Who to invite?

Who should you invite? Should this be just the girls or can you invite men too? Your best guide here is your Mum-to-be. These days it’s becoming more common to include men, especially the new Dad. After all, who says the boys can’t be there or that they wouldn’t enjoy celebrating too? Why not consider a gender-neutral guest list. Have a chat with her and draw up a guest list together.

6. Are formal invitations necessary? Where can I get invitations?

Printed invitations are a lovely, traditional touch and are the perfect way to inform your guests about your celebration. We provide our own beautiful invitations free of charge. Or, there are some lovely invitations available online via sites like zazzle. Or, a more convenient option might simply be creating a dedicated WhatsApp chat group.

7. Is there any guidance on suitable gifts?

Gifts are a traditional part of a baby shower and are often expected. The central idea, though, is that attendance is appreciated more than a gift. Nor do gifts have to be expensive – guests generally give something useful like a basket of nappies, baby clothes, bottles, etc. A fill-the-freezer shower can be really useful so the new parents don’t have to worry about shopping and cooking for the first few days or weeks. Gift vouchers are often appreciated too. Another good idea is a Gift Registry. You might even consider two registries – one for friends featuring gift ideas under $50 and another for family that can include more expensive items.

8. What kind of games do you suggest for a High Tea Baby Shower?

Games have become an accepted part of the baby shower. They can help to break the ice and can be a lot of fun but are not strictly necessary. Check with your Mum-to-be whether she wants games or not. A High Tea baby shower is an elegant celebration though, so avoid the cheesier options. Games suitable for a High Tea shower include Guess the Baby in which guests supply a baby picture of themselves in advance of the actual shower – on the day, guests try to identify who is who. Celebrity baby photos also work well. In fact, why not ditch the games altogether and opt instead for a more “A-list” group activity or class: calligraphy, flower arranging (like the Duchess of Sussex), or even flower crown making with our kits?

A conversation with the Mum-to-be in the planning stage should identify anything she definitely doesn’t want in the way of themes, colours, etc. and ensure that she is comfortable with the timing, arrangements, colours etc. and that she enjoys the event. Then everyone can relax, have fun and enjoy showing her how special she is to you all. Together you and Aimee Provence can create a special gathering of friends and family. We are honoured to help you celebrate this new life and create memories that last a lifetime.

Should you choose to celebrate with us you will enjoy a venue with unparalleled style, elegance and atmosphere. We offer a warm welcome, delightful food and we spoil you with distinctive touches that we’ve based our reputation on. Contact us to discuss your special occasion, any decorations you wish to bring, or to make a booking.

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