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Bridal shower gifts

 Aimee Provence sets the scene with all the essentials and glorious pieces of quality china to enhance the already exotic location.  Ceiling to floor glass windows provide clear views to the sea and the décor is extravagant and yet subtle simultaneously.  The smell of fresh flowers fills the room as each guest enters and the array of delicacies provided is sure to surprise.  With little left to focus on, the bridal shower organiser has more time to arrange other interesting matters with freedom of mind to be more creative.  Plus, enjoy the event on the day more by caring for the bride-to-be and entertaining guests.   Some bridal shower gifts suggestions to stimulate added glee is to encourage invitees to engage with themed gifts.  We provide a range of suggestions here to motivate and enthuse all concerned:

Spirit Party

Invite guests to bring bridal shower gifts to stock the couples bar, whether that be items to use or decorate the bar,  or to fill with global brews, vintage wines or popular liquors.  Aimee Provence can provide a full list of cocktails and/or mocktails for guests to sip upon after their champagne entrance.

Bridal shower - Literary Gathering

You can send library styled invitations and have quotes from different books or authors on each table, whilst encouraging attendees to gift book titles of interest to the soon to be bride and groom.

Bridal shower - Home Town Get-Together

One in four Australians are born overseas from 200 different countries and 300 ancestries.  This means couples often come from different home towns and quite often different heritages (Australian Census 2011).  This is a time for family from both sides to come together, sometimes for the first time and connect at the heart.   Those coming can be introduced to the idea of contributing a researched piece from either of the couple’s hometown or culture.  It can be said or included in their gift offerings.  Ask in advance who would like to speak at the event and give account of some of the intriguing places to visit in the couple’s birthplace, or list some of the foods or traditions of now or bygone eras from these enthralling places.  Remember to arrange for filming of the contributions for the couple to keep and relish their families similarities and differences for many years ahead.  It is amazing what hidden treasures of knowledge couples often do not know about their own history nor that of their future life long partner.

Cuisine Occasion

For the couples who love to cook….family and friends coming together to socialise for this precious moment in time could bring cookbooks to add to the couple’s collection or a special recipe decoratively recorded, possibly with items to add to the kitchen collection to combine, mix, or heat ingredients.

Bridal shower - Garden Party

With the collection of flowers sprinkled throughout the Aimee Provence High Tea Parlour, a garden party is most fitting.  Encourage everyone to wear their favourite fascinators and some of the bridal shower gifts could include gardening supplies or patio décor.  Discussions could begin around the topic of seasonal flowers and planting tips for the season.  Not everyone is a green thumb, but the topic of organic goods are very popular and would fit right in to stimulate everyone’s imagination of blooming gardens and fresh ripe goods direct from the garden when they come to visit the couple in the future.

birthday afternoon tea

Boho Bridal Shower

 Everyone can wear a flower in their hair if they choose, Aimee Provence will help you select vintage music to play and the theme can establish the style of presents the bride would be warmed by, with simplicity being the new sophistication.  Keeping in tune with nature and holistic and heartfelt messages the event will be beautifully grounded in each of its aspects.

A Philanthropy Moment

For the ultra-giving couple (or the couple who is just uncomfortable asking for bridal shower gifts), each attendee donates money to a charity in the couple’s name and shares the info about the charity at the shower.  You could also do a charity-focused activity where each person can be asked to bring something to contribute to the couple’s charity of choice, for example – a blanket for the homeless.

bridal shower

Wine Cellar Party

Wine tags can be forwarded to all attending the bridal shower.  On the tag can be listed a time for a special occasion in the future when the couple can celebrate with the bridal shower gifts.  For example the first dinner party, first anniversary, first child, etc.   Aimee Provence has an incredible collection of Australian and International wines and champagnes to choose from on the day to add to the excitement of this awesome lead-up event to the magic moment.

Fragrance Shower

This bridal shower gifts perfect for the bride who loves beauty and makeup; companies like Vetiver Aromatics offer perfume bar kits, so guests can easily create their own custom fragrance on a specific table set up for exactly this purpose.  Fragrances come in square clear glass apothecary bottles and glass droppers. Guests are provided with a metal shell 10 ml purse atomizers for holding their final blends – you get one atomizer per guest.  The bride-to-be can mix the blend to suit her sensory palette.  Bridal shower Gifts can include perfumes not tested on animals with a list included with the invitations and a request to mark off a list when the guest preference has been made. 


  • Arquiste
  • D.S. and Durga
  • Penhaligon’s
  • Le Labo
  • Honore des Pres
  • The 7 Virtues
  • My Daughter Fragrances
  • Pacifica
  • Harvey Prince Organics
  • Lurk
  • Commodity
  • Lush
  • Aromi
  • Lavanila
  • Tsi~La
  • A Perfume Organic

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