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It’s everyone’s cup of tea!

It’s no secret the Brits love a “cuppa tea and a scone”. But did you know their love of afternoon tea is a long-standing British tradition dating as far back as the early 18th century when it was served to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner? Today, those early traditions have evolved into a much more sophisticated version we now call high tea, and it’s not just the Brits who can’t get enough of it. This popular custom is now celebrated worldwide; and if finger sandwiches and scones with lashings of jam and cream isn’t enough to get your attention, here are a few more reasons why you need to join the bandwagon!

An indulgent treat

There is something undeniably fun about eating finger sandwiches and delicious bite-size treats from a delicate tiered plate. And let’s face it, tea always tastes so much better when sipped from a fine bone china teacup and saucer.

An excuse to dress up

High tea is quite the elegant affair and the perfect opportunity to don your best party frock. As if we ladies need and excuse!

A reason to drink champagne in the middle of the day

Need I say more?

A great way to celebrate

Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal party, birthday celebration or just a girly catch up with friends, high tea is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion with a touch of luxury.

Time out

We are all so busy these days, it’s important to take time out and enjoy a little “me” time. What better way to do so than a girly afternoon in beautiful surroundings, enjoying delicious treats and a glass of bubbles with friends. You deserve it!

An escape from the everyday

The tradition of high tea is just as much about the location as it is the food. An elegant high tea parlour is the perfect setting to leave the everyday hussle behind and live like royalty for an hour or two. Cheers to that daaahling!

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