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Celebrating spring with Ruth magazine

This Spring we celebrate with the release of the latest ‘Ruth’ magazine, which Aimee Provence have been privileged to be featured in.  ‘Ruth’ is an initiative of the Queensland Country Womens’ Association (QCWA) and connects our heart with the country in a bright and effervescent distribution especially for women.

The humble articles are synonymous with the mission of the QCWA and (Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWA of A).  These include being inspirational, educational and enchanting, while providing an exciting platform for the best of Queensland, highlighting niche businesses and innovative artists. The poignant name of ‘Ruth’ represents the very first president of the QWCA. Most of all though, Ruth is a way to promote the causes they are passionate about.    

Women are represented to a new level by the CWA of Australia, as it has the greatest membership following in the country of 20,000, across some 1200 branches.  Ultimately, the states and the CWA are synonymous with their mission to enhance the lives of women and children, especially those who are living in rural communities with practical assistance. 

With this connection, the international organisation of the ACWW, based in the United Kingdom, with a reach across 70 countries has a consulting status with the United Nations to provide a ‘voice’ globally, while also being proactive to instil support financially and otherwise to women and families. Their sustainability projects include:

Sustainable Development Goals and Zero Hunger Challenge

Little by little each activity, each contribution matters, but most of all is the connection of spirit created amongst women through the binding by friendship.  At Aimee Provence we believe treats cooked with passion further enhance all that is wonderful in the world and apart from the lots of other interactive activities run by the QCWA, is Aimee Provence’s favourite:  The State Cookery Contest, commencing as far back as 1959.  There are 16 various categories to enter, including delicious cakes, slices, biscuits, jams and chutneys.  Find out more by contacting the State Cookery Chairman at  The best part is you don’t even have to be a member to enter and have the chance to win prizes.

These contests and other activities help promote fundraising, with the most poignant matter of concern in our State currently being the widespread drought. This confronting issue is considerably testing the resilience of regional, rural and remote communities.  The hardship caused for families throughout all affected areas is being addressed by many community and government groups, including the QCWA.  As far back as 1990 the QCWA set up the Public Rural Crisis Fund for such devastating crisis types.  Help is provided direct to the heart of the home, where it is needed most, by providing vouchers for food, loans, medicals etc. No administration costs are deducted from donations.  If you would like to help women and their families in need in these regions please connect to:

To discover more about this incredible organisation collect your copy of the Spring edition of the ‘Ruth’ magazine today.

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