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The perfect cup of tea

What is the correct way to make a cup of tea?  In your opinion what method makes it taste best?  The answer is considerably complex as it involves a wide range of variables to produce a highly subjective result. 

For you is it the external effects (the appearance, the pouring, the consistency, the environment) that are very influential in determining the perception of it?  Can the procedure of making the tea influence the perception of its taste?  Perhaps it is not just the physical and scientific properties alone that affect the overall outcome and our desire to sip tea.

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The scientific facts were resolved in 1946 by George Orwell himself, when Dr Stapley of Loughborough University established what makes the perfect cup of tea.  He divulged the results that pouring the milk after the boiling water in not the preferred way as it can cause the milk to heat unevenly.  Effectively, this method would cause the proteins in it to ‘denature’, (ie: causing it to lose their structure and “clump”), ultimately affecting the taste and contributing to the skin that can develop on top.  This means when someone says the taste allows them to determine if you have put the milk in first or second in the tea, it is more than likely they can.

the perfect tea

Image credit: RW Buderim

Other variables include the time you leave the tea to brew, whether you prefer to add sugar and, of course, the type of tea you choose.

At Aimee Provence, we believe the correct way to make tea is “however you like it best”.  Our organically grown tea served in divine glass teapots, with golden sugar and exquisite interiors, overlooking views to the ocean certainly adds to the experience of enjoying a cup of tea in your work breaks or taking time to relax with friends during the week or perhaps at a special occasion on weekends.  We believe our preference for something is strongly influenced by the delivery, not just the biochemical effects it has.  At Aimee Provence, we aim to enhance your High tea experience and indulge in elegance.

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