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How To Brew A Perfect Pot Of Tea

Begin your day with the perfect cup of tea using our top tea brewing tips!

In this post we’ll share all the secrets to brewing the perfect pot of tea at home. In fact, it’s not only easier than you might think but it’s actually good for the planet!

hot pot of tea with tea pot

Keep reading and we’ll guide you through the equipment and ingredients you’ll need, the method, and which additions to serve with your delicious pot of tea. Then we’ll spill the beans on the two biggest mistakes to avoid and share a bonus tip!

Cold brew tea
pouring tea into a tea cup using a strainer

Equipment you'll need

There are a few things you need before you start.

  1. First, you need some good-quality tea leaves of your favourite variety. And, we do recommend loose tea because it will reward you with a much better colour and flavour than tea bags. What’s more, tea leaves are better for the planet; there’s no need to produce, and dispose of, the bag! We also recommend you choose from our extensive range of teas; hand-picked for quality and flavour. You can purchase them from our High Tea Parlour, or order tea online in their own caddy or as part of an indulgent hamper.
  1.  Next, you’ll need a teapot and tea strainer. Why not try our own pretty glass teapot?
  2.  Lastly, of course, you’ll need teacups and saucers, and teaspoons, plus a jug and sugar bowl.


Now you’re ready to make your pot of tea.

  1. Warm the pot. You can either swill a little hot water in the pot (then tip the water out) or hold it gently in the steam from the kettle ( but keep your hand well away from the steam to avoid scalding yourself).
  2. There is no fixed way about the amount of tea one should use, but the general rule is one teaspoon per person plus one “for the pot”. You can adjust the amount depending on the size of the pot and how strong you like your tea.
  3. Use boiling water for black tea. For green or white teas, which are less robust than black tea, allow the water to stand for a minute or two.
  4. Leave to steep for 3 – 5 minutes. This draws the colour and flavours from the tea.
  5. Always use a tea strainer. Some modern teapots have a built-in strainer or infuser. If your pot doesn’t have one of these, you can use a traditional strainer that sits on the rim of the cup.


The final thing to consider is what your guests might like in their tea. You’ll need to offer lemon, milk, and sugar. Some people will take milk and/or sugar but some will want neither. The important thing to remember is never to add milk to tea flavoured with lemon.

Two common mistakes to avoid

Underestimating the importance of water quality which, can result in a flat, lifeless cup of tea. It’s best to let the tap run for 30 seconds or so before filling the kettle, especially in the morning because the water left sitting in the pipes overnight can taste dull and stale. Empty any water left in the kettle and refill with fresh water.

If your water is very hard, it will dull the appearance of your brew and may create a slight scum on the surface too. If you notice this, filtering the water before boiling will help a lot.

Not providing additional hot water. The last few cups in a pot will be stronger than the first and will probably have cooled. Providing extra hot water will mean you can enjoy your tea to the last drop.

Bonus Tip: To squeeze or not to squeeze…..

These days we all lead busy lives and, especially in the morning, dropping a tea bag in a cup or mug and gulping down a brew before rushing out the door is a fact of life. It’s a survival skill, right?

One thing we would ask, though, is that you give that tea bag its best chance of giving you a good cuppa by not squeezing it against the side of the cup before discarding it. Why?

Tea contains a bitter substance called tannic acid. Most of the tannic acid remains in the teabag once your tea is brewed – unless you squeeze the bag and release them into your cup. That results in a more bitter, sour tasting cup of tea – and who wants that?

So, making a pot of tea with tea leaves is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s kinder to the planet. It even tastes better too! Plus, as we know at Aimee Provence, nothing feels as special as a pot of tea, brewed in a teapot and served in a dainty teacup.

Whether your own occasion is as a valued guest here in our High Tea Parlour, part of a chat with friends and family or sipped from a mug in front of a cosy fire with the one you love the most we hope these tips will help you treasure the moment with a perfectly brewed pot of tea.

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